30-Day Healthy Pregnancy Program

EcoHealth & Wellness

Being healthy before and during pregnancy is important for both mommy and baby. Give your baby a head start on a healthy life while providing yourself with what you need to thrive as a new mom. Our 30-Day Healthy Pregnancy Program provides guided support and education on proper nutrition and how to fill up on nutrient-dense foods that nourish mom and baby. What does proper nutrition during pregnancy mean? • Healthy weight gain and weight loss • Higher energy levels • An overall sense of well-being • Reduction in pregnancy-related complications • Decreased risk of birth defects and miscarriages • Adequate flow of healthy breast milk • How to prevent post-partum depressions Throughout the 30-days, you receive • Initial 30-minute consultation with EcoHealth coach to review your paperwork, labs, supplements an outline a detailed history. • Comprehensive 60-minute consult with Tiffany to develop your 30-day plan • Education on diet choices, ways to reduce cravings, essential foods for baby’s development, and steps to improve digestion • 15% OFF Prenatal Supplements • THREE Weekly 15-minute follow-up visits with Tiffany and/or EcoHealth Coach (In office/Phone/Skype/FaceTime appointments available) • Unlimited email support • Access to our Natural Medicine Now webinar series ($147 value) Optional Recommended Laboratory Testing: • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing for $295 • Organic Acid Urine Testing for $350 Before your consult with Tiffany, you will have a 30-minute phone consult with our EcoHealth Coach to review your paperwork and discuss your health goals. Select a day and time to schedule your initial 30 minute phone consult to get started!

Starting at: $ 395.00



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