30-Day Immune Support Program

EcoHealth & Wellness

Ever suffered from a cold that lingered for months? Constantly suffering from allergies, cough, and congestion? We believe simple changes to your diet along with proper supplementation can make an immense difference in your body’s ability to fight illness. In our Immune System Support Program, Tiffany reviews your health history and creates a nutritional plan to completely rebuild and support your immune system. Her in-depth training in naturopathic medicine has given her extensive experience with rebuilding the body’s immune system. After 30-days, you will be in awe of how incredible you feel! Throughout the 30-days, you receive • Initial 30-minute consultation with EcoHealth coach to review your paperwork, labs, supplements an outline a detailed history. • Comprehensive 60-minute consult with Tiffany to develop your 30-day plan • THREE Weekly 15-minute follow-up visits with Tiffany and/or EcoHealth Coach (In office/Phone/Skype/FaceTime appointments available) • 15% OFF Specialized supplements • Unlimited Kangen water for 30-days • Unlimited email support • Access to recommended reading, videos, and educational resources via our Natural Medicine Now webinar series ($147 value) Optional Recommended Laboratory Testing: • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing for $295 • Organic Acid Urine Testing for $350 Before your consult with Tiffany, you will have a 30-minute phone consult with our EcoHealth Coach to review your paperwork and discuss your health goals. Select a day and time to schedule your initial 30 minute phone consult to get started!

Starting at: $ 595.00



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